Di Gregorio International Paving

Led by an experienced management team, DiGregorio International Paving and Construction Ltd. provides time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for a diverse range of projects, which include, municipal underground services and roads, highways, parking, residential paving and trucking areas.

Our specialty areas include:

Earth Moving

Involves a fleet of scrapers and trucks capable of handling any earth project.

Sewer and Watermain

Experience in sewer, storm, firemains, catch basins, watermain and box culvert construction for any site development.

Asphalt Paving

More than two decades of experience in the asphalt paving and restoration industry. Our clients range from developers to the manufacturing industry to municipalities and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (M.T.O.).

Concrete Work

This part of our organization consists of slip forming curbs, retaining walls, sidewalks, concrete barriers, concrete slabs and structures — all of which add to the diversity of DiGregorio International Paving and Construction Ltd.

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Our most rewarding work is often done beyond the gates of our job sites
in the communities in which we work.